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Please fill out and submit this form to the party comity and directory in order to run your party.

  • When is your party?
  • How long is your party?
  • Do you plan to use the whole space?
  • Will it be a sausage fest?
  • Will the music be loud?
  • Will that guy be fucking annoyed by the loud music?
  • What point value does your party hold?
  • Is Jake involved?
  • Do you plan to use the internet?
  • Does the internet plan to use you?
  • Will you be using the project?
  • For 4chan?
  • Will the hot tub come into play?
  • Will there be play in the hot tub?
  • Do you pledge to clean the hot tub once you've played?
  • Will Jake be in the hot tub?
  • Will a robot be given a bad name at your party?
  • Will the robot get in the hot tub?
  • Will Crutcher get naked?
  • Will VonGuard vomit?
  • Will he sound like a cow while doing it?
  • Leif isn't allowed to drink the JD, right?
  • Is Kelly angry about something?
  • Will the Makerbot be in the Makeout Room?
  • What will you use the Makerbot for?
  • Dildos?
  • Have you paid the deposit?
  • Do you plan on bringing enough towels for everybody?