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Passassembled08 thumb.jpg

I created Hackerspace Passports to

  • help promote people visiting as many hackerspaces around the world as possible
  • increase collaboration
  • increase cross-polination so we can all learn from one another
  • encourage all hackerspaces to support each other
  • (And it's fun.)

These Hackerspace Passports look a lot like US Passports, but no fingerprints needed! And, rather than a requirement for passing borders, they are intended to encourage it!

If each hackerspace and hacker con makes their own stamp, then people can get their Hackerspace Passport stamped everywhere they go.

I am releasing the first 2,500 of these at Chaos Communication Camp 2011, which seems appropriate to me, since the previous Camp (in 2007) was the birthplace of the new wave of hackerspaces.

I am bringing 3 stamps with me to Camp:

  • Noisebridge
  • Hardware Hacking Tent (which I'm helping organize)
  • a stamp I made for CCCamp2011
Passassembled08 visa thumb.jpg

The Hackerspace Passports cost me about €1 each, and that's what I'll be selling them for.

I hope that all hackerspaces and all hacker conferences will make their own stamps, so that hackers can travel the world and share their stories with one another by showing off the stamps in their passport.

Stamp Dimensions

Each page of the Hackerspace Passport can accommodate 4 stamps of 41mm x 47mm, or 1 stamp up to 89mm x 118mm.

Download the artwork!

Thanks to Matthew Borgatti (@gianteye) who did all the illustration, graphic design, and proofing to bring this together. He also runs a store called Sleek and Destroy you might want to check out.

You can download the artwork for free (of course)!