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Pegasus is a new Intel Atom server in Chibi. Its main purpose at the moment is to house a PCI card for interfacing with the payphones in the space and Asterisk.
= Pegasus sudoers =
* rubin110
* nthmost
* patrickod
* tdfischer
* teapot
* jof
* hzeller
* miloh
* steele
* cowlicks
* robbintt
* lizzie
* jams
* gareth
* jerm
* r
* noisetor
* superq
* eenblam
* beka
* cole
* elias
* x
= Projects on Pegasus =
Mary Poppins
* This is Noisebridge's personal AI.
* Make Mary say something; http://pegasus.noise:5000/?text=woot%20woot,%20hackers,%20makers,%20and%20door%20bells
* http://pegasus.noise:5000/
* Display stuff on our Beer bottle display wall.
* http://pegasus.noise:9000/
* More info on [[Flaschen_Taschen]]
= Addresses=
* http://pegasus.noise
* http://pegasus.noisebridge.net (1 to 1 NAT)
= Machine  Info =
Pegasus is an Intel Atom server in Chibi.  
Its primary purpose is as a general purpose shenanigans machine.  Its secondary purpose is to provide a Tor relay for something.
It used to house a kickass PCI card for interfacing with the payphones in the space using Asterisk. Someone took it out, thinking it didn't work. If anyone knows what happened to this card, contact [[User:nthmost]].

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