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Phasor~ is a patching group for data flow environments

Phasor stun1.png

Phasor~ is focused on the creation of music and visuals plus real-world interfacing for performing, control and raw data gathering. Common data flow environments used in these pursuits include:

Have a big performance patch you're working on? New synthesis techniques you'd like to bang out or a generative visual routine to tackle? Perhaps a giant robot you're hooking up to a remote brain built in Max? Then come create in boxes and lines with us! Phasor~'s mission is to bring together all the patchers in Noisebridge, the Bay and beyond to talk, share, collaborate or just hang out, focus and accomplish our individual goals in a working environment with other people doing the same thing.

Phasor~ is a working group, with emphasis on individual and collaborative making and doing. There is no teaching curriculum, but it is a good space for beginners to inhabit while learning the data flow language of their choice and working through tutorials or coursework.

Time and Place

Phasor~ meets irregularly at Noisebridge - 2169 Mission St., San Francisco and at other locations around the San Francisco Bay area.

We rock a Google Group for meeting coordination and for the geographically challenged, plus patch sharing, questioning/answering, and camaraderie in the late-night hack mode zone -

If you'd like to hang out and work with us, join the Google Group and join in or set up a place then let us know where and when you'll be working.


If you're interested and would like to be kept in the loop, email Vlad Spears for status updates: vladspears at The Mail of G.