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Phasor~ is a patching group for data flow environments

Phasor stun1.png

Phasor~ is focused on the creation of music and visuals plus real-world interfacing for performing, control and raw data gathering. Common data flow environments used in these pursuits include:

Have a big performance patch you're working on? New synthesis techniques you'd like to bang out or a generative visual routine to tackle? Perhaps a giant robot you're hooking up to a remote brain built in Max? Then come create in boxes and lines with us! Phasor~'s mission is to bring together all the patchers in Noisebridge, the Bay and beyond to talk, share, collaborate or just hang out, focus and accomplish our individual goals in a working environment with other people doing the same thing.

Phasor~ is a working group, with emphasis on individual and collaborative making and doing. There is no teaching curriculum, but it is a good space for beginners to inhabit while learning the data flow language of their choice and working through tutorials or coursework.

Time and Place

Phasor~ meets on Saturdays at Noisebridge - 2169 Mission St., San Francisco. We meet from 14:00 until 17:00 and can go later if oscillators are hot and really running wild. Saturdays were specifically chosen so people outside central San Francisco could more easily participate.

Our first formal gathering was Saturday, 19 December 02009. We meet every week, so come and get your patching on with us.

We're also rocking a Google Group for the geographically challenged and non-Saturday patch sharing, questioning/answering, camaraderie in the late-night hack mode zone -


If you're interested and would like to be kept in the loop, email Vlad Spears for status updates: vladspears at The Mail of G.