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A Noisebridge Philanthropist is an individual who has 24 hour access to Noisebridge. To get access they've been recognized by the membership as being excellent and are providing a reoccurring monthly donation.

What is involved in being a Philanthropist?[edit]

  • Make a monthly donation to Noisebridge.
  • You'll get a 24 access token to work late. (You can't sleep in the space.)
  • 24-hour access comes with responsibility for closing at night.
  • Philanthropy is granted by finding a member sponsor and applying at a meeting.
  • Philanthropy is revokable for any misbehavior by any member.

Read the The Philanthropist Pledge for full details.

How do I become a Philanthropist?[edit]

To become a Noisebridge Philanthropist, ask around to find a member who will sponsor you.

One or more Members find you to be awesome and excellent to the space. You along with these Members then come to a Tuesday meeting to introduce who you are and to ask for 24-hour access. If at least one Member sponsors you and no Member blocks, you've passed the vetting process. The last but important bit we ask of you is that you please make a reoccurring donation of a recommended $80 a month (possible sliding scale; talk to the Treasurer or Secretary for more details). It is also possible for your sponsor to financially sponsor your access to the space, but this must be communicated and agreed upon with the Treasurer before access can be granted.

If any Members block during this process we ask that you be excellent and discuss any issues brought up with them offline outside the meeting. Once resolved, you and your sponsoring Member can return to a Tuesday meeting to retry. As always, non-Members can ask a Member to act as a proxy.

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