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One or more Members believes in you to be excellent at Noisebridge and to contribute enough to continue that excellence. Combined with a reoccurring monthly donation you are being granted 24 hour token access to Noisebridge. We call these sorts of users Noisebridge Philanthropists. But with great power comes great responsibility. Please read this document and sign the bottom acknowledge you're understanding of it, then return to the secretary to start your access to the space.

How did I get this status?

One or more Members find you to be awesome and excellent to the space. You along with these Members come to a Tuesday meeting to introduce who you are and to ask for 24 hour access. If at least one Member sponsors you and no Member immediately block, you've passed the vetting process. The last bit is that we ask you to please make a reoccurring donation of a recommended $80 a month (sliding scale, talk to the Treasurer or Secretary for more details). It is also possible for your sponsor to financially sponsor your access to the space, but this must be communicated and agreed upon with the Treasurer before access can be granted.

If any Members block during this process we ask that you be excellent and discuss any issues brought up with them offline outside the meeting. Once resolved you and your sponsoring Member can return to a Tuesday meeting to retry.

How does 24 hour token access work?

Generally people can get into Noisebridge without any token access during the hours of 11 AM to 10 PM. Some excellent users have been granted day time token access during the hours of 11 AM to 10 PM. Members have 24 hour token access. Noisebridge Philanthropist get 24 hour token access without the status of being a Member.

Noisebridge has an RFID based access control system. After you've been accepted for 24 hour access, you provide the Secretary with a suitable RFID token (i.e. your Clipper card) or receive one from Noisebridge for a $5 donation. The Secretary will then add your token along with your contact information into the access list giving you 24 hour access.

You can use this RFID token to open both the lower gate and the upper door. Opening the lower gate requires swiping your token in front of the black square panel of the payphone, while opening the upper door requires swiping on the red box to the right of the door.

Your email address will get added to a private announce list specifically for communicating to token holders (like if a dog accidentally eats the token reader machine). Additionally the Secretary or Treasurer might email you directly regarding reoccurring donation details.

What are my responsibilities to maintain this access?

To maintain your access we require you to understand and follow these responsibilities.

As always we ask you to be excellent by following our anti-harassment policy and community standards.

During our general hours of 11 AM - 10 PM we ask that you be friendly and positive to those who don't have access who want to get inside.

While in the space, if someone rings the door bell to the gate you can open it for them by tagging your token to the reader on the inside of the door. Please remember to greet them as they come in, get their name, ask them what brings them to Noisebridge today, and be helpful if you can.

During our after hours (10 PM - 11 AM), use your best judgement to decide who you allow into the space. Anyone you do bring into the space, guest or people you've just met, are your responsibility. If you feel someone is being unexellent at any time, you are obligated to bring this concern to their attention, and should it not be resolved kindly ask them to leave.

At 10 PM and after, if you're the last person with 24 hour access leaving the space, please ask everyone to finish up hacking and leave the space with you. If someone doesn't want to leave, please inform them after 10 PM non-24 hour users are not allowed to remain in the space after the last 24 hour access token holder leaves, and that they need to leave with you. If this is a problem for them and they don't want to leave, please contact (415) 413-0205 so that we can raise and alarm and potentially get some more Members over to you to help close the space. We've been operating this people need to leave after 10 PM model for the last year and shouldn't be news to anyone.

When leaving the space be sure the following are locked:

  • The gate leading to the elevator room
  • The lock at the bottom corner of the window leading to the fire escape
  • The main door into the space at the top of the space

How could I lose 24 hour token access

Your access may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • You become delinquent in your reoccurring monthly donations.
  • A Member finds you to be unexcellent and brings this up at a Tuesday meeting. It only takes a single Member and a single meeting to revoke access.
    • A Member might revoke your access because you did not follow through with your 24 hour access responsibilities to the best of your abilities.
    • Or a violation of our code of conduct
    • Or a violation of our anti harassment policy

If you're able to resolve the issues with the Member or Members who are revoking your access within 30 days of the initial call to revoke, and they state that they no longer want to revoke your access, you may regain your 24 hour access. If 30 days passes with no resolution, your access is completely removed and you will need to restart the process over after you've resolved all issues.

After you've read this, please sign it, add your email address, date it, and return it to the secretary for your 24 hour token access. Thanks!