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Photos of the space at its best. Got some photos? We'd love to see them. Please post them here so we can have a showcase of Noisebridge's excellence.

PHOTOGRAPHY WANTED: We need some updated photos of this. Does anyone have or want to take some photos they can Upload? | Category | Edit

272 Photos

272 Capp St preslats.png

2169 Photos

Hacking of things

payphone hacking!

2014-10-19 17.21.06.jpg

By the Front Door

By the front door

Tesla Mural

Mr T in progress.jpg


Tesla couch Torrie.jpg

Fox lounge

The fox lounge all lit up for nb remix oct 4.jpg



Live music at noisebridge 2014 11 22.jpg

MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) April 7

Artist exhibits:

Photos courtesy of Kevin Prichard!

Fixit Clinic March 2018

Noisebridge Women's Day 5mof 2018

Liquid Nitrogen

Noisebridge gala -- Keep A Roof Over Our Heads Party

Photos by Patrick Rafanan @soybaby (please give photo credit when using!):

Photos by Peter Behr:

Curated Photos June 2016 to Jan 2019 of people doing Noisebridge things in the space

Photos of equipment and space (no people) taken March 9th

Thanks Trent for taking these photos!

83c Photos

The original 83c Noisebridge location was a studio with a loft.