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Got some photos of the space at its best? We'd love to see them. Please post them here so we can have a showcase of Noisebridge's excellence.

Hacking of things[edit]

payphone hacking!

2014-10-19 17.21.06.jpg

By the Front Door[edit]

Front door clean 2014.jpg

Tesla Mural[edit]

Mr T in progress.jpg


Tesla couch Torrie.jpg

Fox lounge[edit]

The fox lounge all lit up for nb remix oct 4.jpg



Live music at noisebridge 2014 11 22.jpg

MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) April 7[edit]

Artist exhibits:

Photos courtesy of Kevin Prichard!

Fixit Clinic March 2018[edit]

Noisebridge Women's Day 5mof 2018[edit]

Liquid Nitrogen[edit]

Noisebridge gala -- Keep A Roof Over Our Heads Party[edit]

Photos by Patrick Rafanan @soybaby (please give photo credit when using!):

Photos by Peter Behr:

Curated Photos June 2016 to Jan 2019 of people doing Noisebridge things in the space[edit]

Photos of equipment and space (no people) taken March 9th[edit]

Thanks Trent for taking these photos!