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Plan 9 at Noisebridge


What: Introduction to using Plan 9 (as well as various forks)

Where: Turing classroom

When: Sundays at 18:00-19:30

Contact: User:mischief

Plan 9

Plan 9 is a free distributed network operating system. Its main properties are all objects are files, file communication is transparent whether it is local or over a network, and every process has a private customizable namespace. These features set it apart from traditional UNIX because on unix, not every type of object is a file (ex. network connections, windows, http requests, just things like /dev), network transparency is terrible and every process sees the same hierarchial namespace.

In the class I will be initially discussing setup and basic use of the Plan 9 environment. It will be handy to download a copy of the installaion cd for the fork of Plan 9 we will use, 9front. It can be downloaded directly or by torrent at [1]. It is highly recommended to read the links in the resources section below.


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