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This page is for collecting up all the cool posters people have made for Noisebridge. Ideally, we'd have all the source documents (preferably SVGs) here as well as rendered versions of different resolutions.

Do-ocracy: DO IT

This is the original Do-ocracy poster by Paul Brown from the Dallas Makerspace. It's probably the most famous poster associated with Noisebridge, and can be found hanging inside the space in highly visible locations.

Do-ocracy Do It poster by Paul Brown

Current version:

Other versions:

Do-ocracy: DO-ERs DECIDE

This is a new poster by User:beka in the same theme as Paul Brown's DO IT poster, created to emphasize a second, less well known but nonetheless crucial, aspect of Do-ocracy. It was inspired by Shannon's discussion of Do-ocracy at the 10th Anniversary Fireside Chat.

Do-ocracy Do-ers Decide poster by User:beka