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(Places to Set Up Viewings)
(Places to Set Up Viewings)
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* [http://www.hcmcommercial.com/property_details.php?property_id=260 174 Shotwell (at 16th)]. Asking $6500/mo for 4800sf, so a bit out of our price-range, but I suspect that's a starting point for negotiation.
* [http://www.hcmcommercial.com/property_details.php?property_id=260 174 Shotwell (at 16th)]. Asking $6500/mo for 4800sf, so a bit out of our price-range, but I suspect that's a starting point for negotiation.
* [http://activspace.com/mission-2.html 3150 18th Street at Treat (Activspace)] They seem to focus on smaller spaces, but will apparently knock down walls to make a larger space.
[[Category:Potential Locations]]
[[Category:Potential Locations]]

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Important note: In September of 2008 the 83C Wiese location was chosen for Noisebridge. This page is left up as an archive of the previous work in searches and as a reference point.

This page collects trip reports to view possible Noisebridge spaces.

A Noisebridge member gets a better view of a potential space.

Places to look include craigslist and Bill pointed out starboardnet.com hcmcommercial.com, loopnet.com, and sfarmls.com. Also look in windows of buildings as you pass by and take down "for rent" numbers. When you see a place that looks interesting, add it to the list of "places to set up viewings" below. If you have a minute and can schedule some time out of your day, pick up a place from the list and call the landlord to set up a viewing.


Space Specs

Here's a list in no particular order of the things we are looking for from a space. This describes an ideal space, not every space will be like this.

  • $2000-$3000/month
  • 1200+ square feet
  • 24-hour access (ideally our own secured entrance)
  • No neighbor complaints for access, music work, or other noise
  • Safe neighborhood (see murder map, for example)
  • Shower/bathroom
  • San Francisco
  • Near public transportation
  • reasonable power and ventilation

Rating Spaces

When writing up a report of a space you've viewed, please include a section with a quantification of the above desirable features, either as a "yes or no" or on a scale of 1 to 10, like so:

  • Size: 8 (2000 square feet)
  • Private Entance: No
  • 24/7 Access: Yes
  • Privacy / Sound Isolation: 6 (single neighboring space, used days, shares *thin* interior walls)
  • Safety of Neighborhood: 8
  • Shower: No
  • Bathroom: Yes
  • Kitchen: No
  • In San Francisco: Yes
  • Transit Availability: 6 (short bus ride from BART)
  • Power: 10 (in a PG&E Substation!)
  • Connectivity: 8

Completed Viewings

December 2007:

17 January 2008:

We (Jake Appelbaum, Andy Isaacson, and David Molnar) went out to go look at an office space advertised on craigslist on Thursday that might be available for a permanent move-in soon. We actually ended up seeing two places. Here are some notes on the places plus pictures. These give some idea of what possible options are in addition to 40 Ringold. (Thanks again to Bill for letting us use 40 Ringold for meetings, etc. during this time!)

23 July 2008:

29 July 2008:

25 September 2008:

Upcoming Viewings

  • 1867 Mission, Friday 2009-06-05 13:00 -- adi spoke to Gary Barboro regarding the building. 3 floors, 11ksf / floor, owners "would like to develop housing" but it sounds like they're flexible. "Owners were thinking $2/sf including build-out, don't know if they would be willing to go down to $1" but he didn't hang up on me. They'd like to rent whole floors but probably can subdivide.

Places to Set Up Viewings

This is a list of places where we may want to set up a viewing. Please add and update status as needed.

  • 1385 Mission 3,350 sqft of clean, very bright space on the corner of Mission and 10^th – one and a half blocks from BART. We are asking $12/sqft/year - $3,350/month Details:
  • 475 Valencia (at 16th). Has lots of history. A listing here says 5000 sq. feet and $6250.00 for the top (third) floor, $6750.00 for the second. That was in April, and they're both still empty, so that asking price may be way high. I (Skory) contacted the agent to see it, but failed epically at returning his call as of 2009-06-04.
  • 174 Shotwell (at 16th). Asking $6500/mo for 4800sf, so a bit out of our price-range, but I suspect that's a starting point for negotiation.
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