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letting us use 40 Ringold for meetings, etc. during this time!)
letting us use 40 Ringold for meetings, etc. during this time!)
Place #1:  215 Dore Lane
*Place #1:  [[215 Dore Lane]]
*Place #2: [[1351 Harrison]]
Pictures (visit these links for additional photos):
Rent asked: $2350 / month
Movein: first month + two month security = $7050
Min lease duration: 1 year
Ready to move in: 1 February 2008
Contact: "Michael"
This is a garage plus two story space on the back half of a SOMA 40x80
mixed-use lot. The space for rent is a building set back from the street,
behind a building with a ground floor commercial office and a 2nd floor
residental apartment. Access to the space passes directly under the
residential apartment's back window. The owner, Michael, owns both buildings
on the lot and built the place from scratch three years ago. Michael does
not live on the lot.
The interior space is organized as two large rooms, roughly a total of 1000
to 1100 sq. ft. usable. Bathroom and shower included.
Andy notes:
"It's somewhat difficult to imagine how to divide this space into the rooms
we want.  The upstairs is hard to subdivide, because of the raked ceiling;
if there are people playing video games up there, I'm not going
to be able to get work done upstairs.  I'm more excited by the idea of
several smaller rooms rather than two giant rooms.
The dealbreaker, I fear, is that late-night access is very likely to
disturb the residential tenants in the front building."
Other notes -
- water included, all other utilities extra
- front: intercom, garage door w/opener
- no alarm system, we could add one
- two car tandem drive-through garage
- rear patio, all concrete.
- two sets of double-doors; locking security is somewhat of a concern
- concrete floor in downstairs
- bathroom (with shower, IIRC.)
- upstairs: carpeted; all one big open space, gabled ceiling down to
  ~9ft at the side walls.  windows only in front (facing southwest).
- building footprint quoted at 20'x30'.  Upstairs less usable space due
  to stairwell.
- built "three years ago" according to owner.  Looks like wired with
  cat5 (but with rj11 throughout).
- Power is great -- I counted 12 20A circuit breakers, plus two 30A breakers labelled "220V". 
  (I'm not even sure how you could wire all of that into two rooms, but whatever.)
- Building has own boiler and heating; AC consists of two fans but we could
possibly add a wall unit later
- No furnishings, previous tenant may sell desks if desired
- Owner is ok with roof antennas if they do not dig into roof
Place #2 1351 Harrison
While walking on the street, we stopped to peer in the window of a space
with a "FOR RENT" sign. A nice woman who works for the currently leaving
tenant popped out and invited us in. We had a chance to look around and ask
questions but did not talk to the landlord. Andy later called and talked
to the landlord to obtain price information.
Pictures: none
Rent asked: $2500/month
Movein: unknown
Min lease duration: unknown
Ready to move in: around April 2008
Contact: "Eric", 415 292 7070 x101
This is a large street-facing single room plus a 6x10 closet on the ground floor of a SOMA
building. Total quoted 1060 sq. ft. The top floor consists of two
residential apartments, which are both being rennovated and will be sublet
to yuppies. The landlord claims soundproofing between apartments and space, apartments will be 3BR 2BA
to rent for ~$3K/month.
Electrical system significantly less good than the 215 Dore space and building appears older
as well. Recently fixed water leak in one corner of ceiling, some minor
water damage to paint. No heat; current tenants use space heaters. Bathroom
with shower included.

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This page collects trip reports to view possible Noisebridge spaces.

17 January 2008:

We (Jake Appelbaum, Andy Issacson, and David Molnar) went out to go look at an office space advertised on craigslist on Thursday that might be available for a permanent move-in soon. We actually ended up seeing two places. Here are some notes on the places plus pictures. These give some idea of what possible options are in addition to 40 Ringold. (Thanks again to Bill for letting us use 40 Ringold for meetings, etc. during this time!)