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Please Be Upstanding for the Noisebridge Preamble

If you hold an event, meeting or hackathon in our space, we ask you to precede it with this short message, for our sponsors. Thanks!

Noisebridge is a space open to anyone interested in the creative uses of technology. You and anyone else are free to use the space and most of its contents at any time: just ring the doorbell to come in.

Noisebridge is inspired by its fellow hackerspaces all around the world, from Alberta to Zurich. If you'd like to know more about how we work, and what we offer, visit the website, or join the weekly Tuesday meeting at 8PM for a guided tour.

Noisebridge is solely supported by individual donations by its users. If you find yourself using the space regularly please consider donating. You can donate through PayPal on our site or at the jar by the door. A $10-$40 monthly subscription is a great way to ensure Noisebridge stays around. You can also become a member, which means you can take part in decisions about Noisebridge -- but you don't have to be one to use our space.

You can also keep Noisebridge running by helping out in the space. Noisebridge is a "do-ocracy": if you think something needs improving or fixing, feel free to go ahead and do it.