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Press contact:

Please include your deadline, topic/pitch, and link to your previous work. Mention any particular projects, people, technologies, or issues you'd like to talk about and we'll find you the right people.

We are located at 2169 Mission St., San Francisco.

We've gotten press coverage before, take a look.

How much have you gained exactly? "Started at 6" in length and 5" in girth"

-Do you do any other kind of routines? (jelqing, pumping, manual streching, pills etc...) "No other stuff, except probably mild jelquing on occassion to move blood flow into penis to help the stretching process"

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What we do

Noisebridge is a hacker space.

Hacker, as in "people who like making new things and exploring how old ones work". (See also these two essays.)

See our Events page for examples of what we do.

Probably the best time for press to come to the space to meet a lot of people would be during 5 Minutes of Fame, our monthly series of lightning talks. Of course, if any of our other events interest you, you can come to those also.

We ask that you first contact us at the press email above before coming to the space, and identify yourself as a member of the press to anyone you speak to. The easiest way to do this is to ask someone to introduce you to the group at the beginning of an event.

Please note that photography is not allowed in the space without the permission of the people being photographed.



Here are some projects that our members are or have been involved with:

  • 5 Minutes of Fame (video, live and archived streaming) Noisebridge's monthly series of lightning talks on widely diverse subjects
  • Linux discussion group meets each Wednesday evening at noisebridge in the Turing classroom from 6 PM to 8 PM or so: format is free-form, bring problems or problem hardware and share the adventure, bring questions about linux or open source and related, chat and gossip, whatever you like.
  • Linux system administration certification study group meets at noisebridge in the Turing classroom twice each week: tuesdays and fridays from 3 PM to 6 PM to concentrate on skills needed to pass the LPI and the Red Hat certification tests.
  • Brain-Controlled RC Helicopter (project website) Fly a radio controlled helicopter with consumer-grade EEG headsets
  • Brain Machine (details) creates hallucinations and aids meditation by flashing lights and sound with special goggles
  • MakerBot lets you create almost anything up to 4"x4"x6" in size out of ABS plastic
  • Northpaw Anklet (details) lets the wearer instinctively sense which direction is North
  • Spacebridge, Noisebridge's own collaborative space program.
  • TV-B-Gone makes it easy to turn off TVs
  • Tor anonymity project allows users to use the Internet anonymously by sending traffic through several other computers before its destination
  • The Cold Boot Attack allows attackers to extract information (such as encryption keys) from RAM after a computer has been turned off (won USENIX Security 2008 - Best Student Paper)
  • MD5 considered harmful today: Creating a rogue CA certificate (video) allows attackers to duplicate a vulnerable SSL certificate authority's signing cert, and thereby falsely and undetectably pretend to be another website (won CRYPTO 2009 - Best Paper).
  • Noisebridge Holiday Lights control (details) allows people to easily change the pattern of lights being displayed in the windows on 2169 Mission, as well as program arbitrary new sequences.
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