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Noisebridge values privacy and takes steps to teach participants how to protect their privacy.

Consent and notification of microphone/camera use[edit]

Anyone using cameras and/or microphones at Noisebridge should:

  • announce their intent to do so so and display signage saying they are recording.
  • notify anyone new who arrives.

Network Privacy at Noisebridge[edit]

This page is to flesh out any and all privacy concerns regarding the space.

  • Anonymity and Security are not the same thing.

When Connecting to the Noisebridge Wifi[edit]

  • Consider everything you do over the local wifi, whether encrypted or unencrypted, to be freely available to anyone else. This is still true if you're connecting to the Tor network from within the space.
  • Avoid the use of insecure protocols: HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH version 1, and plaint-text passwords.
  • Avoid connecting to sensitive websites for banking, e-mail, etc.
  • Don't assume Tor will mask your traffic within the space.

If You Want to be More Secure[edit]

  • Bring your own wireless internet service and avoid the local network altogether.
  • Tether your computer to your smartphone and avoid the local network altogether.
  • Use VPN connections to mask your local traffic; paid and free VPN connections exist.. Note, VPN can combined with Tor.
  • Use OpenVPN or SSH to securely access remote machines from within Noisebridge.

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