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Long term goals

This project is based on an open source platform aiming to bring this "fermentation equipment" to as many brewers and fermenters being as affordable as possible helping in proliferation of the movement making the fermentations more reliable and fun.

  • short time goals 1-3 months, prototype (started 20/5/2012 - end of August 2012)

- measure temperature through temperature probe (thermistor sensor) connected to the arduino microcontroller based on proper sketch (program) with data being saved at arduino.

- switching on and off the heating and cooling element (peltier device) to keep the culture on a desired temperature, with focus on a basic controlled temperature oscillation

- the prototype will be finished by the end of June and put it to use, testing at the investors facilities (Susubori Academy)

  • medium term goals 3-6 months (September till November/December 2012)

- to further develop the system of temperature oscillation in a controlled manner, with energy efficiency being crucial part of the project

- designing and building prototype number two

- introducing the humidity monitoring and control it

- make a prototype of a kit which can be easily assembled and used as a central heating/cooling and temperature measurement unit for the experimental incubator

  • long term goals (6-24 months January 2013 - January 2014)

- to develop a robust incubator which is allowing general public to do various types of fermentations on day to day basis in a simple and repetitive way

- find a producer which will commercialize the project producing the incubator based on open source licences

- further develop the concept so the experimental incubator will detect various additional factors as humidity, pH, level of dissolved oxygen, CO2, etc.

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