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(Church Classroom)
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** 1024x768
** 1024x768
** 2000 lumens
** 2000 lumens
** Unknown lamp life
** Unknown lamp life ([[User:JeffreyATW|Jeffrey]] has a spare)
** VGA
** VGA
** S-Video and RCA Composite (not plugged in)
** S-Video and RCA Composite (not plugged in)

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Common Space[edit]

Projector and screen are mounted to the ceiling, remotes are attached on the column to the right of the screen. Media Center is somewhere over there

Pledges toward buying a new bulb for our PT-AE900U[edit]

Per this thread on -discuss this will cost about $150.

  • $20 - Jack Perkins
  • $20 - Leif Ryge
  • $20 - Ryan Blair
  • $20 - adi

Stuff to buy for setup[edit]

Church Classroom[edit]

Projector is mounted to the ceiling and currently has no remote. It faces the west wall and accepts power and video signal from the southwestern corner of the room.

  • To turn it on, either use a poking stick, or reconnect power for automatic startup.
  • To turn it off, either hit the power button twice with the stick, or let idle for 5 minutes with no signal for automatic shutdown.

Other projectors[edit]

We have some broken-down projectors in a bin near the rest of the electrical components.