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Common Space

Projector and screen are mounted to the ceiling, remotes are attached on the column to the right of the screen. Media Center is somewhere over there

Pledges toward buying a new bulb for our PT-AE900U

Per this thread on -discuss this will cost about $150.

  • $20 - Jack Perkins
  • $20 - Leif Ryge
  • $20 - Ryan Blair
  • $20 - adi

Stuff to buy for setup

Church Classroom

Projector is mounted to the ceiling and currently has no remote. It faces the west wall and accepts power and video signal from the southwestern corner of the room.

  • To turn it on, either use a poking stick, or reconnect power for automatic startup.
  • To turn it off, either hit the power button twice with the stick, or let idle for 5 minutes with no signal for automatic shutdown.

Other projectors

We have some broken-down projectors in a bin near the rest of the electrical components.