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Project CMS is a project created by LX, Arity, Pawper, and Moof in order to provide a one-click solution to set up projects with a wiki page, Trello, GitHub/GitLab and Discord Channel (which will give notifications for wiki edits/Trello/repo).

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Categorize projects under Projects category page.
  • Subcategorize projects by status
  • Categorize projects by guild
  • Each project page infobox list that subcategory status - we need a way for the template to take subcategory, does this exist?
  • checklist of guilds form for page creation form / edit screen
  • status field on project page edit screen
  • want a template that lists pages in a category to list on the projects page / guilds page
  • Import Legacy Projects into the new system

Legacy_Projects where we can store old projects while creating new system, later we can import
Project(we can use this for the Project Creation Form)
Projects (was used as a redirect page, replaced with a new redirect page CatProjects)
Projects_For_Awesomeness (is for projects that require consensus) Template:Infobox

Tutorials/Resources[edit | edit source]