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Doocratic proposal underway! Merged with prior brew group under /brew.

We have some raw materials on the shelf downstairs that look kinda sad and abandoned, I'd like to see them at least get put to one good brew.

Thankfully, User:Senoraraton has put together some fabulous documentation for it. Here's the list:

- At least 2 carboys[1]. These may be available locally, but can also be ordered. We "can" use the 5 gallon plastic water bottles, although I personally prefer glass. - 2 x $50

- tubing [2] I'm not sure of the exact size, but we can piece it out with the bungs. - $2.50

- hydrometer [3] (or 3 they break fairly easily, are reasonably cheap, and fairly essential), which measure the specific gravity of the mash to determine sugar content, which provides potential alcohol yield. - 3x$9

- A couple(5+) airlocks [4] - 7x$9

- Optional wort chiller [5] . It is entirely possible to fabricate our own wort chiller, for likely less than we would pay for one. - $77

- Optional larger kettle [6] - $165

A couple of blankets to cover the carboys isn't a bad idea. I would... highly recommend that we consider getting a larger kettle. it's a pretty big investment, but currently our kettle is 5 gallons, and we can only run a 3 gallon batch because of boil over. This means we have to either make two separate batches and combine, which affects the resulting product, and also is twice as much work. Or we set up a system to do single gallon batches in maybe gallon jugs(carlo rossi party anyone?)

Total cost: $242.5 without the optional items, $484.5 with them.

Fundraising[edit | edit source]

We can assume that NB General fund will pay for half the cost, so people should pledge to pay for the remaining half.


  • culteejen (TJ) $20
  • Senoraraton (Claus) $50
  • WOZ(Dave) (Not Claus) $20
  • Ryan L $20 and also down to DIY the airlocks (they're basically just a small P-trap)
  • [User:Lxpk|Lxpk] $20
  • PangalacticGB $20
  • SUBTOTAL: $130/$240 goal, so Noisebridge can pay for the second half