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A modest Proposal ... (May 2013) -> modify teh navigation template so "Recent Changes" does not automatically display the (heavily spammed) "User creation log"

Might use this link instead ->

Note: currently running wikimedia revision 1.31.1 (as of 13:28 Wednesday, 17 July 2019)

(ancient history ->)

Here are some proposed wiki updates. Discussion welcome.

As of 12-2-09 Noisebridge wiki is running MediaWiki: 1.11.2.

Update to the most current (1.15.1 currently). This will allow image links to work, and wgEnableMWSuggest to work.

# Don't attach NoFollow to links (default true). This should be set to false as long as the NB wiki is kept spam-free
$wgNoFollowLinks = false;

# Enable suggestions while typing in search boxes. See$wgEnableMWSuggest
$wgEnableMWSuggest = true;

# improves search functionality a tiny bit$wgAdvancedSearchHighlighting
$wgAdvancedSearchHighlighting = true;

# Tells Mediawiki to use ETag Headers, decreasing irrelevant page loads. See$wgUseETag YSlow says the wiki doesn't use ETags right now.
$wgUseETag = true;

# Enable the basic file cache for static pages for non-logged-in visitors.
# Warning: this might cause problems if a page is counting on knowing the current date and updating appropriately, IE a calendar page
$wgUseFileCache = true;
$wgFileCacheDirectory = "/INSTALLATION-DIRECTORY/tmp-cache";
$wgShowIPinHeader = false;

# When you make changes to this configuration file, this will make
# sure that cached pages are cleared.
$configdate = gmdate( 'YmdHis', @filemtime( __FILE__ ) );
$wgCacheEpoch = max( $wgCacheEpoch, $configdate );

# This might make for better performance, compressing html before serving, especially when using the file cache
$wgUseGzip = true;

# saves a couple database queries but fragile if $wgArticlePath is nonstandard
$wgEnableSidebarCache = true;

  • Trim the Mediawiki footers
I think we can remove "Privacy policy" and "Disclaimers". Maybe remove "About Noisebridge"
  • Poem Extension
( A useful kludge giving you the <poem></poem> tag. Inside this tag, a single carriage return behaves like a single carriage return. This makes copying and pasting many text documents into the wiki less of a bother.
  • Calendar
  • Category Tree
# Enable Category Tree extension. Note that we must enable AJAX support for this extension
$wgUseAjax = true;
require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php" );
  • Toggle Display
#require_once( 'extensions/ToggleDisplay.php' );
  • Use a logo that has alpha blending.
Those white edges are a bother! Maybe take from here: