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Here are some proposed wiki updates. Discussion welcome.

As of 12-2-09 Noisebridge wiki is running MediaWiki: 1.11.2.

Update to the most current (1.15.1 currently). This will allow image links to work, and wgEnableMWSuggest to work.

# Enable suggestions while typing in search boxes. See$wgEnableMWSuggest
$wgEnableMWSuggest = true;

# improves search functionality a tiny bit$wgAdvancedSearchHighlighting
$wgAdvancedSearchHighlighting = true;

# Tells Mediawiki to use ETag Headers, decreasing irrelevant page loads. See$wgUseETag YSlow says the wiki doesn't use ETags right now.
$wgUseETag = true;

Poem Extension ( A useful kludge giving you the <poem></poem> tag. Inside this tag, a single carriage return behaves like a single carriage return. This makes copying and pasting many text documents into the wiki less of a bother.

gCal mediawiki extension: The Category:Events page says "(Wouldn't it be great if there were a gCal mediawiki plugin so crossposting wasn't needed? Do you know of a good one? Help us!) <- working on this, need to upgrade Mediawiki in order to use some plugins." What extension would enable this functionality?

Lee is on the fence about whether to actually suggest the following extensions. Noisebridgians might find them super-useful, or maybe not:

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