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Noisebridge Pub

Welcome to our public channel for Secure Scuttlebutt. Also known as the Gossip server.
As of 4/2020 registration is now public and open with limited invites available.
This is a very friendly community, spread all over the world.

What is Secure Scuttlebutt?

A platform connecting individual peers across a mesh, which can be used for sharing discussions, files, git repositories, media, scheduling events, etc.
Secure Scuttlebutt does not require the internet to work, so it can be used as a true Sneakernet
Each peer helps transmit data across the network.
This means every time you refresh your account, you are also helping others receive their encrypted data.
Very asynchronous, so do not expect real time communication. Ex: Creator lives on a boat with no internet.
The ssbc internally handles all development within this platform, pushing their changes back to the public Github

Who will I find here?

Radical faeries, open source enthusiasts, other hackerspaces, gardeners, explorers, diy types, etc.
SudoRoom and Peoplesopen are developing their disaster radio project using LoRa transmitters.

I joined, but where is everyone?!

Peers on the network can allow others to follow them, decrypting their "public" data into something you can read. Do not expecting following PersonA means they will want to read your data as well. :)
Joining a pub will help you connect with other peers or find #keywords to follow.

Claim an invitation code

We are not enabling web view, eg. our Pub remains closed to search engines.

join If invitations run out, or you have any questions about this server please ask for assistance on our Discuss forum.

Keyword Cloud: mesh network p2p e2e end to end encryption filesharing git social network solarpunk burning man off the grid asynchronous decentralized open source patchwork patchbay ssbc