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Sensebridge Meeting Notes about Pulse Choker[edit]

Research Links[edit]

12 lead ECG fabric electrode belt system patent

Wearable ECG Monitoring System Using Conductive Fabrics and Active Electrodes

Preliminary study of dry knitted fabric electrodes for physiological monitoring

IEEE sensing fabric paper

FDA clearance on Textronic fabric ECG electrodes

Eric has filled out the "purchase" form on Textronics fabric electrode kit, and will follow up with them in order to get the kit. Rachel, Chung-Hay and Eric will split the cost.

Chung-Hay found this awesome heart-rate collecting vest, see more at the project page

Someone at the meeting recommended the Ramsey ECG1 heart monitoring kit, see the manual, with assembly instructions. $45, and it's got both audio and o-scope outputs, along with some adjust-ability. Might be worth buying, even if the Open ECG guy comes through.

Check out this super cool stretchy fabric cable

Both the Softwear and Kobakant DIY sites have a whole bunch of awesome information on soft circuits and components. No doubt there are lots of interesting ideas to be mined!

Optical Pulse Circuit Experimentation[edit]

We soldered leads unto the emitter/transmitter device, and held it against various body parts:

  • Neck: no flashing, despite many attempts on both of us
  • Wrist: Eric got it to work once on his wrist, but generally this fails
  • earlobe: Eric got it to work a few times, this was actually the most promising area after thumb
  • Thumb/finger: the original, still very flaky, works maybe 25% of the time

Prototype Armature/Display[edit]

We prototyped a choker today. We cut a "T" circuit silk screen mask out of a cool piece of flexible plastic, and then painted the silver conductive paint unto the mesh fabric. Then we soldered multi-color cycling LEDs unto the traces, and wires unto the dongle end (note: don't use unnecessary headers, they are hard to solder to with solid wire), and stuck them into an arduino, pins D6 & D8, with 500 ohm resistor on each line.


int LeftNeckLED = 6;
int RightNeckLED  = 8;

void setup() {
  pinMode(LeftNeckLED, OUTPUT);  
  pinMode(RightNeckLED, OUTPUT);
   digitalWrite(LeftNeckLED, 1);
   digitalWrite(RightNeckLED, 1);

void loop() {
   digitalWrite(LeftNeckLED, 1);
   digitalWrite(RightNeckLED, 1);
   digitalWrite(LeftNeckLED, 0);
   digitalWrite(RightNeckLED, 0);


Choker Proto.jpg

Chung-Hay Proto.jpg

Eric Proto.jpg