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Pwn Your Own

Every day we enact in activities online that are a danger to our privacy and even the security of our valuable or privet information. In 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Personal email was hacked using information publicly available online, closer to home every day tech savvy computer users grant themselves access to restricted internet access points owned by nabbers and local businesses. PYO is designed to help attendees become aware of tricks of the trade used by professionals to gain access to "secure information" and quickly bypass counter masures that the average individual or small business owner will put in place. This meeting will consist of a lecture and live demo of potentially malicious and in some cases semi-illegal (not in our context) practices showing just how little todays tech users are concerned about security, followed by an explanation of how to better protect ones self from the attack. flowing the live demo will be a workshop on how to preform the attack to give participants a better understanding of how process works.

About the Speaker

In the future there will be a more diverse speaker line up with guest speakers from around the Info-Sec world the first few months will feature Carl Sue as the main speaker as we build a following.
Carl "Cobolt" Sue
A formally San Diego hacker Sue was a quick study of published documents and books from industry defining security professionals with a background in translating technical principals into layman terms and examples. Arias of expertise include Wireless security, lock picking, and network attack strategies. Other experience includes cryptology and study of protocols such as shared key and social network security validation. An up and comer in the security field new to the IRL community with over 12 years of underground training and growth in field.

More Speakers to come

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