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== Noisebridge's Learning Python Classes ==
== Noisebridge's Learning Python Classes ==
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'''Come learn [http://www.python.org/ Python]'''!!<br>
'''Come learn [http://www.python.org/ Python]'''!!<br>

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Noisebridge's Learning Python Classes

Come learn Python!!
See our awesome website for both PyClasses at Noisebridge Learning Python

  • Advanced Class, Tuesdays at 7:00 - 9:00 PM PST
  • Introduction to Python, Wednesday, ditto (at 7-9 PM)

Intro to Python schedule is here, see below to get the online texts for this Intro to Python class

The Advanced Class: We are currently building a weekly schedule that you can peek at by clicking [here]
In general, this is your class, peeps! We are here to serve you, so any feedback is welcome.

After 9pm Tuesdays, we'll have open hacking time and time for questions for those that are kicking so much ass they just can't go home yet, or even for those that may have gone to Mondays' Front-end Web Development class and want to come back for more. If you have problems from work or home, feel free to bring them after 9 and everyone can help each other.

For redundancy, not 1 but 2(!) people will be helping run the Advanced Class. Please contact either of us with comments/questions:

Cost: Free! That's right homies. Bring your good vibes and we are at your disposal!

Mailing List

Sign up for this now!

Once you join the mailing list, send a request to join the PyClass organization to https://github.com/egonSchiele

Semi-Official Intro to Python Class Texts

Other Intro to Python Texts

PyClass Githubs

[Old] Class Slides

Other Helpful PyClass links