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Note: This is a template for "Python Class Instructor Meeting Template"

Paste this into a riseup pad for the meeting and then create a wiki page following the formula "Python Class Instructor Meeting Notes YYYY MM DD"

Assign the roles:

   1. Meeting Moderator
   2. Primary Note Taker


Python Class Instructor Meeting YYYY-MM-DD

  • Moderator: <assign>
  • Note taker: <assign>

Next Meeting is scheduled for YYYY MM DD, dayofweek



  • person 1
  • person 2

Items from last meeting


Discussion items for this week


Schedule for next month

Monday Oct 30th - Trent - Flask Basics Nov 6th - Elena - Interview Problems that are Algorithmic Nov 13th - Lady Red - Web Scraper Build Along Nov 20th - Nick - Numpy and Scientific Python Nov 27th - Break / Thanksgiving Weekend December 4th - Jay

- <date> - <class> - <person> - etc

Date for the next instructor meeting: <pick a date and paste this in the Slack channel too>

Things postponed for next meeting

- lets make that one of our key things to plan next meeting - docs to explain organizer meetings, we don't need to make it there, we can coordinate through the month doing that - add both of these notes to the wiki on a wiki page following this template "Noisebridge Python Class Instructor Meeting 2017 MM DD"

New instructors added

- Nick - @nohmapp on slack

Actions for next week

  1. Add the email template to the repo instructors folder
  2. Add the announcement checklist to the instructors folder
  3. Lady Red to follow up with Razzi about the thursday 4-week web sequence
  4. Trent to find someone in the channel on december 4th.
  5. Lady Red - Bring nick up to speed and tell him about the schedule

Things To Talk About

  • stuff
  • stuff
  • stuff
  • stuff

Things we did this month

  • person - thing

Things missed last month

  • person - thing
  • person - thing


Person 1: stuff person 2: reponse person 3: continues the convesration