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  • Can you legally delete all the logs from your site every night? Is it legal to keep no logs for a site that allows unfiltered user generated content?
  • Is the GPL a contract or a license?
  • Where is the line between satire and libel? If you write terrible things about someone on the Internet, at what point are you culpable?
  • How could I publicly write an open source botnet, with my name on it, without being a target for prosecution or paralegal harassment?
  • Can officialdom of any sort confiscate Noisebridge and/or other individuals' equipment if they think some person in the space is breaking the law?
  • If we were to have Deep Crack in the space, would this present any problems for non-US citizens? (The whole non-export of crypto thing, ITAR I believe)
  • At what point can the organization be held liable for the actions of members or non-members while in or out of the space?
  • How much information, if any, are we required to give to an organization which accuses us of wrongdoing? Example: a company claims someone hacked them from NB and wants information about everyone who was at the space at the time.
  • If cops want to confiscate your laptop, and you're certain that the confiscation is illegal (e.g. they want to confiscate all the laptops in the space because of an alcohol sales issue), would it be a good idea to not consent to the confiscation and thereby force them arrest you so that a) you can see a judge within 3 days to resolve it (rather than waiting 3-6 months to get your stuff back), and b) sue for false arrest etc?