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(turkshead paints consensus process green)
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Most recent are on top.'''
Most recent are on top.'''
* '''Rubin''': OK, I can't tell which one is rum, I'm done for the night.
*'''turkshead''': guys, i went ahead and painted the consensus process green.<br/>'''turkshead''': everybody likes green, right?<br/>'''shkoo''': the consensus process must be blue.
*'''turkshead''': guys, i went ahead and painted the consensus process green.<br/>'''turkshead''': everybody likes green, right?<br/>'''shkoo''': the consensus process must be blue.

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When someone says something outrageously funny or weird, it goes on the memorable quotes list or it gets the hose again.

Most recent are on top.

  • Rubin: OK, I can't tell which one is rum, I'm done for the night.
  • turkshead: guys, i went ahead and painted the consensus process green.
    turkshead: everybody likes green, right?
    shkoo: the consensus process must be blue.
  • Kripto: I avoid Folsom St Fair.. its my b-day weekend and the last thing I need is 50000 people all wanting to give me b-day spankings.
  • Martyn: Atala : Mental image -- Alienvenom, ieatlint, Jason, and Mike K all masturbating in wooden chairs. (revenge!)
    ieatlint: Martyn, ouch... i'm going to take that personally
    Martyn: ieatlint : Dude, I love you, but I never ever want to see you play the skinflute.
    ieatlint: fine fine
    Martyn: ieatlint : I'm sure the sentiment is returned :)
    ieatlint: but you don't need to make the same decision for the rest of noisebridge
    Martyn: ieatlint : Okay, okay .. fair enough. If you -really- want to, you can hypothetically masturbate for the non-extant construction crew :)
  • aestetix: fuck I started reading about the cat and totally forgot what I was gonna do but the kitty is so nice and cuddly awww
  • froggytoad: so... thing is, he has a thing for bears...
    Atala: i have a gorilla suit you could borrow. not sure that would work, but maybe worth a try? please clean it after though.
  • JSharp: Clippy: "I see you're trying to start an edit war. Would you like me to load a godwin macro?"
  • dr_jesus: at the moment he's so far out of compliance that the city is going to get a new TV's worth of fines out of his ass for being so shady
  • Zedd: Jeffery, why are you wearing fibreglass as a fashion accessory?
  • ioerror: 99% of the police make the rest look bad
  • eljepe: ie your pipes are full of rats
    eljepe: your walls are full of cats
    eljepe: and there is a homeless man living in your elevator
    chu: If he's living in the elevator is he really homeless?
  • ani-: hm, looks like no one has any records of a tesla turbine in the guinness book of world records
    >> ani- submits
    >> Evil-Bill dominates
  • noisercode: ani- beats dusek with a government entitlement and some nuts and bolts to hold my OTO meetings in 2169 for breakfast at-this-moment
  • dr_jesus: ow
    dr_jesus: some blind dude rocking out on his headphones just beaned me with his cane
  • ieatlint: unconfirmed report says a pipe bomb has gone off inside without injuries
    MrDomino: yeah, sounds like... *tic*... the semester's off to a bang...
    >> ani- slaps MrDomino with a humungous trout
    >> MrDomino masturbates furiously to his pun
  • Emflamed: guys.......i know wat sex is.........i dont like listening about it .... or talking bout it...... or watching it (never have) , so please stop, and i dont need a seed wife just for sex!, cuz i dont want sex!
  • rachel-: and now i have fresher breath, i sleep better, and my penis is much longer
  • teratoma: perhaps noisebridge can hack BART to run without employees
  • dr_jesus noisecode: eval os.geteuid()
    noisecode dr_jesus: 0
    dr_jesus fuck
  • >> SanMehat blew a transformer
    iz: did he at least buy you dinner first?
  • ieatlint: yeah, i somehow doubt i could ever bring myself to have that kind of thing (penis piercing) done...
    Atala: ieatlint: you're single right now, yes?
    ieatlint: Atala, yes.
    Atala: ieatlint: now's the time! if that thing isn't going to get some use, might as well bling it out.
  • ceren: ps: do not feed your pierced penis to a baby.
  • >> ani- puts on pants
    rachel-: ani-: nooooooooooooo
  • Atala: yeah, what's been up with the pacific northwest hitting bbq temperatures?
    lemonkey: god's wrath for Microsoft bing
  • rubin110: So Andy was wearing the tightest pants earlier today at the wedding.
    rubin110: His ass looked sooo good.
    rubin110: You didn't hear this from me.
    rubin110: ER ALL OF
  • rubin110: Wait.
    rubin110: Why don't we have the makerbot just print us a new space?
  • There was a David Fine bonanza - which got its own page.
  • froggytoad: apparantly the dust turns to acid, when you add water. I haven't tried it yet.
  • dr_jesus clearly you have not witnessed the full power of this fully armed and operational asian counterfeiting operation
  • VonGuard: oh, hey, tell miloh we figured out how to sex his lizard
  • Atala were they asking you to get fucked in the ass by a machine for money?
  • lemonkey: mm jerk chicken quesadillas
    iz: they are extra delicious because you know the chicken was a real asshole when alive
  • froggytoad: fish guts have this excellent quality of bringing solids out of solutions
  • -- Let it hereby also be noted that PNAC stands for Pvck's Neutron Absorbent Cock.
  • Nana: Rat poison is never the solution.
  • lemonkey: stop, drop, and rofl
  • dr_jesus: If you get me that board, I will develop quad core pants.
  • VonGuard: "welcome to apple, here's your new liver, an ipod, and an ounce of heroin"
  • Atala: ieatlint: sucking cock for crack doesn't count ;P
    ieatlint: Atala, it wasn't for crack
  • ieatlint: yeah, we need a pigeon hacking class at noisebridge
  • vniow-rachel-: i am an unholy breed of hot lesbian and craftiness!
  • Atala: i wish i could eat in the same way i masturbate - whenever the hell i feel like it, going for as long between as i feel like. though it would be sad if i couldn't eat in public, that would be annoying.
  • Valkyrie: I remember a job interview I went on where they had decided that this "IP" business was not the way to go so they were ripping out all their ethernet and replacing it with RS232 and x.25.
  • San: "I still fucking hate Keanu Reeves"
  • ryanc-: i need more sex toys
    vniow: me too
  • aestetix: vniow: do you want me to bring the rape game by Noisebridge tonight?
  • alienvenom: '/win goto #gaysf
    alienvenom: err
    alienvenom: wow
    alienvenom: uh
    alienvenom: everyone type /clear now please :)
    alienvenom: :-\
  • vniow: god, i sound like a noisebridge slut
    Dr. Jesus: vniow: I don't think you're a slut
    vniow: i've slept with ceren too, as of last night
    Dr. Jesus: ok, now I do
  • leif: It's not as wiki as it could be.
  • Martyn: That dildo is going to see more action that a pornstar at Kink.com
    Martyn: You're going to have to start laser-etching the names of people who have used it on it
    Atala: there is definitely an appeal to being able to say "yeah, that steampunk vibrator you saw on boing boing? i fucked that."
  • Valkyrie`: So I'm thinking about going to this gothic rocket thing tonight.
  • Valkyrie`: eh. We already got a "go kill yourself" post... over EMAIL ETIQUETTE!
    Valkyrie`: It's a little surreal.
  • Dr. Jesus: Ok, the federal government is IMing me now.
  • anonymous: Being in noisebridge feels like being surrounded by gnomes and unicorns.
  • Jake: Dr. Jesus, I have no epenis.
  • aestetix : Nine minutes left. That's enough time to do some coke.
  • Jake: Police are like vampires, you never invite them into your home.
  • Skye: I'm like Pavlov for slovenliness.
  • Steen: If you keep taking those you're going to train me to just leave them there.
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