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REMIX {party} at Noisebridge! Saturday, October 4th, 2014 -- 8pm


Coinciding with the month of our first move into a physical space in October 2008, we're celebrating our renewed ability to build, create, share, and collaborate.

All are welcome. No cover (donations always appreciated).

LIVE {music}

  • Mock Church
  • Audrey Spinazola (solo looper/Accordian/uke)
  • Elipton (dark electronic powered by an Apple IIgs)


Project Euphorbia (aka "The Orbs")

Noisebridge Against Humanity (our very own card game)

[even more to come]


Featuring DJ Pirate Matt and expert hacker bartending by Josh Hertel.

STAY {excellent} and REMEMBER to {enjoy the sauce}[edit]