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We signed a new lease!!! Let's trash the place!!! Then clean it up again!!!
Then wring out mucho monetary donation$ to keep the space afloat!!!

Insert 24k gold coin to continue?[edit]

We're celebrating the renewal of our lease here at 2169 Mission St by having a party on the exact 1-year anniversary of the Reboot party.

August 15th, 2015 / 8pm[edit]


8-bit games to play on projector screens (make the bands look bad by failing at Super Mario Bros! in REAL TIME)


Musical Lineup[edit]


Sea Night

DJ's Keybumps and Nasty Nate

Meeting Notes 8/7/2015[edit]

Signal - Promotion efforts, setup and teardown

nthmost - Event coordinator, decorations, setup and teardown

Joshua - bartender, help build stuff

Joyti - Super organized, can help with organization, errands and decorations

Maria - Decorations and cleanup

Mari - VIDEO GAMES. Emulators, gear, ,set up, etc. Raspberry Pi MAME. Potential 8bit punk bands (Cartoon Violence and Robo Beat 'Em Up)? Created new flyer [1]

Door shifts:

Signal - 1

nthmost - 1 hour

Mari - 1 hour

Maria - 1 hour (first shift)