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We signed a new lease!!! Let's trash the place!!! Then clean it up again!!!
Then wring out mucho monetary donation$ to keep the space afloat!!!

Insert 24k gold coin to continue?

We're celebrating the renewal of our lease here at 2169 Mission St by having a party on the exact 1-year anniversary of the Reboot party.

August 15th, 2015 / 8pm


8-bit games to play on projector screens (make the bands look bad by failing at Super Mario Bros! in REAL TIME)


Musical Lineup


Sea Night

DJ's Keybumps and Nasty Nate

Meeting Notes 8/7/2015

Signal - Promotion efforts, setup and teardown

nthmost - Event coordinator, decorations, setup and teardown

Joshua - bartender, help build stuff

Joyti - Super organized, can help with organization, errands and decorations

Maria - Decorations and cleanup

Mari - VIDEO GAMES. Emulators, gear, ,set up, etc. Raspberry Pi MAME. Potential 8bit punk bands (Cartoon Violence and Robo Beat 'Em Up)? Created new flyer [1]

Door shifts:

Signal - 1

nthmost - 1 hour

Mari - 1 hour

Maria - 1 hour (first shift)