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Chris Paget will be hosting a workshop on RFID hacking on 2009-03-28, probably starting around 2pm.

What will happen?

You'll be taught everything you need to know in order to design and build a 125KHz RFID cloner, starting from V=IR and basic algebra. We'll cover theory of operation, basic RF filter design, and enough programming for the PIC microcontroller to glue it all together. I'll start with a presentation covering the basics, then be around all weekend to help people out as they start building or hacking on other things.

One relatively easy project that we can accomplish during the workshop - the conversion of the Parallax 125KHz RFID reader (from Radio Shack) into a fully-functional cloner. Should be a 1-wire soldering patch and a software upgrade, I just haven't done it yet :)

What equipment will be there?

Chris Paget will be bringing:
DSO-2250 USB oscilloscope
USB reader for HID cards
1 working HID cloner
Parallax 125KHz RFID reader module
13.56MHz PayPass reader
XR400 reader+antenna for 900MHz EPC tags
USRP + 2 x RFX900
Working code for EPC Gen2 on USRP
USB PIC programmer
Various other RFID widgets

Other people should bring:
Oscilloscopes (preferably storage scopes)
Signal generators
PIC programmers
Components (we'll mainly be using discretes)
Soldering tools
Microcontrollers and programmers if you're averse to the PIC16F family
Anything RFID-related that you want to hack on

Who will join?