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The RaspberryPi Foundation is planning a tour of hackspaces in the US to give talks and workshops to those interested in hacking with the Pi.
We're coming to Noisebridge on Saturday, 29-September-2012 for an all-day event.


The RaspberryPi Foundation is looking to tour popular US hackspaces in September 2012 with the aim of giving talks and workshops about the RaspberryPi to both members and RaspberryPi users in the local community.
In case you haven't heard of us, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charitable organization founded with the aim of promoting the study of computer science and related topics, especially at school level. The Foundation is responsible for the design and sales of the popular RaspberryPi single-board computer. You can find out more about the Foundation and the RaspberryPi here.
The event at your Noisebridge will consist of the following:

RaspberryPi: Past, Present & Future - An introduction to the RaspberryPi, including an overview of its history and development, details on the technical specification and an outline of future developments with many cool tech demos along the way. Followed by a Q&A session.

Tech Demos:
A chance to demonstrate various OS's, new revisions of the Pi and the latest add-on expansion hardware.

A Taste of RaspberryPi - A chance to play with the RaspberryPi hands-on.

Show & Tell / Prizes:
An opportunity to display RaspberryPi projects from the community with prizes for notable projects.

The tour will be blogged/vlogged on the RaspberryPi website and will hopefully attract RaspberryPi enthusiasts and hackers/makers from across the areas we will be visiting, providing your hackspace with lots of worldwide publicity.

Rob Bishop, of the RaspberryPi Foundation

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