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Rayc lives at Noisebridge. He doesn't always sleep here, but when he does he feels entitled as fuck. He tells people he works for Noisebridge and thus is allowed to sleep here. He decides who else is allowed. He gives everyone tours, he's giving one right now as I write this, and as usual 90% of wat he is telling people is cringe-inducingly absurd bogus nonsense. He is frequently obviously under the influence of substances of the "upper" variety, and exhibits classic tweaker behaviors like constant reorganizing and "soldering" with plastic (making hella toxic fumes, wtf, please ask him to stop). Rayc obviously means well, but sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. Rayc should stop trying to improve Noisebridge infrastructure, stop giving tours, and generally LURK MOAR (aka stfu and chill the fuck out). - Anonymous I hadooped the above text, did a Bayesian analysis of the memes... DING DING DING its JustinDoerr! Are you still sore Rayc freaked out when you sat on him? I think you need to chill a little. - Anonymous Nope, Chuck Testa. Adversarial stylometry is hard, but I'm barely trying here. - Anonymous I, for one, want to say I love rayc' tours. If you have a specific criticism, please mention it, so we can perpetuate awesome institutional culture for newcomers and learn from each other, but it seems to me that rayc always gives tours, when no one else is willing to, that, if nothing else, leave first-time visitors excited and inspired. Whatever other bullshit falls out of his mouth, who cares? People can figure out the rest for themselves, right? As long as they're here and willing to contribute and learn. And that's what rayc' tours do. - Eric The biggest problem with his tours is that they frequently can give people the (accurate) impression there is a tweaker who thinks he's in charge of the place, which is not particularly welcoming (except to tweakers). - Anonymous And, yes, he could be a bit more circumspect about TMI'ing dirty laundry for newcomers. - Eric someone really unchill posted a lot of crap about long time Noisebridge volunteer Rayc. I certainly DO NOT agree with everything Rayc does, but I can't imagine any sane person thinking he is unwanted or is an 'Oogle'. Justin Doerr if you really think Rayc should be escorted from the space, please make one of your hilarious long winded without end rambling tangential requests at the next weekly meeting, so we can laugh at you. - Anonymous I did not say he should be escorted out, I said he should lurk moar. Calling him a "long time Noisebridge volunteer" does not address any of the issues above. - Anonymous ok fine. Let's agree Rayc is NOT an oogle / occupier / squatter / hobo. I wouldn't mind telling him he needs to chill out a bit. I will ask him verbally at next opportunity.

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