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Robert Albert Young Chu,
Good Morning Noisebridge community,
about 45 minutes ago, I spoke with Gavin Knight, I told Gavin that I was planning on leaving the space in about a half an hour to possibly make him feel more comftable, then right after he interjected by saying "That is not a problem, "we spoke" and we are going to ban you from the space. I am not sure who the "we" are, nor do I know the reasons; as when I asked him he said that he can't talk about it.
With the conversation that transpired, I can think of some paramount issues that other community goers may have with me, but not to the level of being banned. If I've caused a problem with others, I've always been open to working toward resolution, on both an individual level, and a community level.
I truly feel that there has been a lynch mob (as there usually is) who has been systematically been working toward a day like this Tuesday. In addition, the people who I feel are a part of this mob-like mentality, have never really decided to mediate, open up a channel of communication with me at all. Instead it seems like they are just taking the "Let's make this swift and kick him out approach."
Despite the select group of people who haven't yet decided to work toward any resolution with what ever problem they may have with me. In addition, I've always have been open to communication and working toward resolutions.
I ask of the people who think I should be banned come and voice your opinion, and also listen to what these arguments / concerns against me, and voice if you think "If they will be just for banning me."
There are a few people who I've spoken with, who already think it is ridiculous.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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