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Welcome: To the Noiseapp patch!

0: User - Can Identify as a member if choices to do so. - Should not need an email address to create an account. - Can use an ID Number instead each time to log in.

1: Ticket / Request Tracker

Under the requests tracking page, they should show up as teasers - with the title and subject... Reddit style. - Prioritization of Tickets. - Ticket States. - Ownership taken. - Collapsible comment stye responses. - The ability to sort projects based on location. Let people record an active project that is left out in a certain area if they take a break from it.

2: Project Tracker - Project states - Community communication

3. Streetview style slideshow

4: Forums

5: BBS

6: Chat - Google hangouts - IRC -Insite /inapp chatting.

7: Gallery - Allow the uploading of photos of projects while in progress via mobile devices.

8: How Tos: Best Practices

9: Share Your Knowledge

10: Members Mentoring - A meeting place where members can and non-members can sign up to meet at Noisebridge to chat about what ever.

11. Calendar: events. Occurring and recurring


1. Drop Down Projector Screen a. Fix Motor Controller (possible Arduino or Pi hack... Motors are AC) b. Move mounting hardware inline or behind the light fixture ~ 3 feet back. c. Make the the DDP cross hanger flush with the ceiling (or as close as possible / remove excess chain links)

Patching and Wall Work

2. HAX'O'TORIUM a. Patch the gap above the main table.

3. YE OLD SERVER ROOM: a. Sheet rock the openings on the very top. b. Mudd - Sand - Prime - Paint.

4. HELLOVATOR ROOM WALL a. Sand. b. Prime. c. Paint.

5.OUTER CLASS ROOM WALL a. Remove old, green, room, hanging studs. b. Sand. c. Prime. d. Paint.

6. DARK ROOM WALL: a. Sheetrock exposed wood. b. Fill in the two holes. b. Mud 6.a. & 6.b. c. Prime 6.a. & 6.b. d. Paint 6.a. & 6.b. e. 7. DJ BOOTH WALL: a. Remove SEM, mounting, hardware. b. Patch holes. c. Sand. d. Prime. e. Paint.

8. CLASSROOM CROSS WALLS: a. Sheet rock openings. b. Mud. c. Prime. d. Paint.

9. GREETING AREA51z a. Decommission old conduit run. b. Patch opening. c. Sand. d. prime. e. Paint black