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If we were to shut down Noisebridge for say a week, work on it, then restart it up, what would you do in that week, or encourage others to do? We would announce it well in advance, and could reset pretty much everything. Some suggestions below:

  • switch over from buzzer to keycode system
  • finish off the lights
  • do something with the backroom behind the kitchen
  • actually hang the kitchen properly
  • redo the front space with some clear GUIDANCE for newbies
  • take down all the signs, put up clear signs
  • declare a hackershelf reset -- anything that people mark, goes!
  • deep clean
  • more noise mitigation for classrooms
  • set up a cafe area
  • hold a reset party
  • declare the membership list public, and give out medals to all members
  • have a once-only honorary membership grant to people helping out
  • take lots of photographs
  • declare any backpacks full of clothes to be objecta-non-grata

Zephyr declares this to be a great idea.

Jared likes this idea too and would help.

Thex is diving in head first T-Minus to #51AD1337!

  • shower(s)
  • multiple "zones" for multiple concurrent activities

The Great Noisebridge Rebase of 2013!

After many hundreds of earth weeks of 24/7 opening, we're thinking about closing down Noisebridge for a couple of weeks for to do all the things that you can't really do when the space is open.

What kind of things, you ask?

We'd like you to tell us, second-person Noisebridge person!

Here's our proposed process. If you have a major Noisebridge structural change or improvement you'd like to conduct, sit write down and write it up as a Proposal For Awesomeness (PFA), similar to an RFC, using the template below. Along with your PFA, list who you're working on the project with (ask them first!).

Noisebridge will have a big old discussion, and a meeting (possibly multiple meetings) where we'll go through all the proposals, and consent on the ones that will be part of the Rebase. The folks that are included in the PFA get to spend a delightful few days working like ROBOT SLAVES on building up Noisebridge, on a date to also be determined (probably by seeking to maximize the people who volunteered and are available).

See also: Reboot

PFA Template

(Create a page, and cut and paste this text into it, and get to work!)

Project Name

Give your funky project name here.


Give your name or names, and a contact email address.


A pithy description of what you're planning

What Will Be Done

A detailed description, in step-by-step form, of what will be done

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect

You can specify this as either a functional area (electronics area) or physical location (west wall). Bear in mind we might move things around pretty profoundly.

Who Will Be Doing It

A list of you + others who would agree to do this. If you don't have enough people, you might not be able to manage it.

Why This Will Be Good

Give the advantages of what you're proposing

Why This Will Be Bad

List the potential problems of your project, and how you would help mitigate them.

How Long Will It Take

You can take longer than the (proposed) two weeks, but you should describe how you will fit in with Noisebridge's normal activities/

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like

We might have a little cash to throw the way of projects. Specify your desires, in order of what you'd like first.'

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With

Link to anything that nicely complements your proposal

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict

Link to anything that wouldn't be doable with this PFA'

Weekly Rebase meeting notes

Next meeting 06/18/13

Last meeting Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, June 11, 2013