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the perils of rebasing
Ahh, but the bliss of rebasing is not without its drawbacks. It can be summed up in a single line:
“do not rebase commits that you have pushed to a public repository”[1] thex (talk) 22:33, 14 June 2013 (UTC)

The Great Noisebridge Rebase of 2013!

After many hundreds of earth weeks of 24/7 opening, it is time to clean up, maintain, and hack our built environment!

What kind of things, you ask?

We'd like you to tell us, second-person Noisebridge person!

We are looking into proposals of all sizes. From getting together for a couple hours of cleaning and organization to possibly closing down Noisebridge for a couple of weeks for to do all the things that you can't really do when the space is open. If you are looking for help with a big do-ocratic project, tell us. If you have a grand proposal that will require consensus, we are here to help direct development of it.

Here's our general process:

Ideally, if you have a major Noisebridge structural change or improvement you'd like to conduct, sit write down and write it up as a Proposal For Awesomeness (PFA), similar to an RFC, using the template below. Along with your PFA, list who you're working on the project with (ask them first!). However, there is no rule that you have to follow this format to make a proposal.

At the Rebase meetings present your proposal. If it is do-ocratic you may end up with some help. If it requires consensus then we will work to further its development into a strong proposal that can we can bring to the Noisebridge Weekly Meeting (NBWM). Then the folks that are included in the PFA get to spend a delightful few days working like ROBOT SLAVES on building up Noisebridge, on a date to also be determined (probably by seeking to maximize the people who volunteered and are available).

See also: Reboot

The Rebase Meeting

Tuesdays 18:00 to 19:30 in the Hackatorium.

But, you don't have to wait for the meeting to develop your proposal! The Rebase meeting is the place to bring your proposal to an audience to evaluate your ideas; gauge interest; get support, assistance, and resources; further development guidance; and receive general feedback.

For most meetings, a topic is planned in advance and is sent as part of the meeting announcement. While most of the discussion tends to be related to the topic, proposals brought to the meeting DO NOT need to follow it and can still be discussed.

Whether proposals are do-ocratic, or require consensus, we will discuss them, help to develop them, and bring the people and resources together to get them done.

Meeting Instructions

Roles currently necessary for the meeting

The Moderator exists to keep the discussion focused on improving proposals and encourage Excellence.

The Recorder does their best to keep a summary of the proposals and note any ideas and suggestions that come up so that we all don't forget them when we develop proposals between meetings.

The typical agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Thank attendees for coming and encourage excellent behavior
    • Have everyone say their name. So that we may address each other.
    • Announcements regarding the status of any completed or under construction projects related to Rebase.
  • New Proposals
    • Everyone who has a new proposal, gets a few minutes to present their new proposals WITHOUT interruption (Moderator). Proposers should be allowed to complete their proposal. While clarifying questions may be asked AFTER a proposal, this is not time for discussion. Right now it is enough that we listen to each other's ideas; proposals can always continue to be developed outside the meeting by attendees if there isn't time to discuss them during it.
  • Topic Discussion
    • Proposals related to the topic are discussed and developed.
      • (Old Business) Proposals regarding the topic that have been developed further since a previous meeting should be discussed first. To start discussion, the proposer should specifically address how the proposal been adjusted and improved since the last time it was discussed, and what they have done to remedy the concerns, if any, that prevented acceptance of the proposal the last time it was presented. If the attendees now favor the proposal then go to "what to do with an awesome proposal" if not then further discussion to develop the proposal ensues.
      • (New Business) New proposals regarding the topic are discussed. If the attendees favor the proposal the go to "what to do with an awesome proposal" if not then further discussion to develop the proposal ensues. The heart of the discussion should be convincing attendees of the awesomeness of the proposal and/or showing the proposer how their proposal can be developed to become awesome.
  • General Discussion
    • Proposals regarding any topic are discussed and developed.
      • (Old Business) Similar flow to above.
      • (New Business) Similar flow to above.
  • Adjournment (the following as applicable)
    • Scheduling: work, resources, and additional discussions.
    • Topic selection. If a topic of discussion for the next meeting has arisen during the meeting, suggest it.

What to do with an awesome proposal

Well.. it depends, but it is important to determine if the proposal is do-ocratic or will require consensus. Do-ocracy is actually quite powerful at Noisebridge, and much can be done within its framework; just remember the one rule.

If it is do-ocractic, then it can be scheduled and done. If some obstacle (need for volunteers, specific skills, etc) is halting the project, take time in the meeting to work out how to overcome it. Please also consider making an announcement that the Rebase group has accepted the proposal and when it is scheduled at the Noisebridge Weekly Meeting.

If it will require consensus then the next task is to make sure the proposal is ready for its trial by fire in the weekly meeting. This is the primary purpose of the Rebase meeting. It is our task as the attendees of the Rebase meeting to take an ownership of the proposal, and assist the proposer in making a presentation that will successfully achieve consensus at the Noisebridge weekly meeting. The following guidelines may be useful:

  • Is the language of the consensus proposal concise and clear. For the record.
  • Are benefits of the proposal easy to understand or can they be explained well.
  • Does the scheduling and availability of resources seem reasonable.
  • What happens during construction? What systems are affected?
  • How have the methods for estimating costs documented?
  • What aides to understanding can be brought to the meeting? (drawings, data, handouts, etc..)

PFA guidance and development

It terms of developing overall concepts, consider what Noisebridge is:

Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. Noisebridge is also more than a physical space, it's a community with roots extending around the world.

What can be physically done to our home at 2169 Mission Street to make more of this happen?

Once you are pretty sure you are working on the above. Recall the pillars that our community works within: Excellence. Consensus. Do-ocracy. What makes the idea behind your proposal excellent? Will it require consensus or is it do-cratic?

Concerning do-ocracy, it has been written that "Doing excellent stuff at Noisebridge does not require permission or an official consensus decision. If you're uncertain about the excellence of something you want to do, you should ask someone else what they think."

The Rebase initiative changes nothing about Do-ocracy. If you have gotten this far, i.e. you have figured out an excellent way to facilitate hacking at Noisebridge and you are sure that you do not need consensus, then congratulations you are now a Rebase of One! Don't worry about the PFA or the Rebase meetings, feel free to make your improvement.

Still, Do-ocracy isn't always so simple or easy. If you are unsure of your project, want to improve it, need help, need additional resources, or simply want a second opinion regarding the do-ocracy versus consensus issue then the Rebase meeting is an option for this. Talking to others in the space or contacting an appropriate mailing list for advice and assistance are also options.

If you know that your project will require consensus then please consider developing and testing it through the Rebase meetings. The Rebase meeting's primary purpose is to investigate and develop large projects for presentation at the Noisebridge Weekly Meeting.

Do-ocratic or not, a good way to start strengthening a proposal is by using the PFA Template. This framework is designed to help you clarify your proposal for yourself and others. Responding to the prompts will address many of the initial questions that you will receive about the proposal, and create a better starting point for any discussions. Please link your PFA wiki page to this one so that anyone can read it.

So far, the strongest proposals have been those that are not requests that someone do something. It is important to identify, before or during the meeting, who is going to execute the proposed project. Will it be the proposer, someone who has offered to help the proposer, a paid contractor, or some combination of these?

To help others understand your proposal more clearly, please also bring any drawings, sketches, examples, data, handouts and additional information that is relevant to it to the meetings. A strong proposal will generate discussion, and may become the topic of a future meeting.

Here are some other things to look at on the wiki. These pages (or pillars) are a good through-line for discussing do-ocracy, the rule of excellence, harassment, and culture. Please read, and consider them, before the Tuesday meeting.

Looking at the other PFAs below may also help with development of your own.

Projects with PFA documentation

Clean Machine

  • pre-cleaning phase started and ongoing. Community cleaning day TBD.

Dub Rack

Ez Av

Front Desk

  • desk has been arranged. This PFA may be complete.

Hackable Lighting

Hackershelf Health

Highend Workstation

Intro Info Quilt

Internet Cafe


Kitchen Mission

  • updated for 07/16/2013

Lift Uplift

Maker Mover

Quiet Diet

Rebase Working Synthesis

Red Shirt

  • this was a procedural proposal that was announced at the NBWM. It has been started and the proposal process is likely complete.

Shop Swap


Trash Stash

Tune Up

Use the Template section below to create a new project page. thex (talk) 00:48, 14 June 2013 (UTC)

PFA Template

(Create a page, and cut and paste this text into it, and get to work!)

Project Name

Give your funky project name here.


Give your name or names, and a contact email address.


A pithy description of what you're planning

What Will Be Done

A detailed description, in step-by-step form, of what will be done

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect

You can specify this as either a functional area (electronics area) or physical location (west wall). Bear in mind we might move things around pretty profoundly.

Who Will Be Doing It

A list of you + others who would agree to do this. If you don't have enough people, you might not be able to manage it.

Why This Will Be Good

Give the advantages of what you're proposing

Why This Will Be Bad

List the potential problems of your project, and how you would help mitigate them.

How Long Will It Take

You can take longer than the (proposed) two weeks, but you should describe how you will fit in with Noisebridge's normal activities/

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like

We might have a little cash to throw the way of projects. Specify your desires, in order of what you'd like first.'

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With

Link to anything that nicely complements your proposal

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict

Link to anything that wouldn't be doable with this PFA'

Weekly Rebase meeting notes

Meeting Notes

Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, June 26, 2013

Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Rebase Meeting - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Suggested projects currently without PFAs

  • Coat Rack (V)
  • Tool Locker (Scott)
  • Access Card (Rev Mik)
  • Hackable Identifiers (Monad)
  • switch over from buzzer to keycode system
    • This was consensed and is currently being tested.
  • finish off the lights
  • actually hang the kitchen properly
  • redo the front space with some clear GUIDANCE for newbies
  • take down all the signs, put up clear signs
  • more noise mitigation for classrooms
  • set up a cafe area
  • hold a reset party
  • declare the membership list public, and give out medals to all members
  • have a once-only honorary membership grant to people helping out
    • This does not make sense. -lizzard
  • take lots of photographs
  • declare any backpacks full of clothes to be objecta-non-grata
  • multiple "zones" for multiple concurrent activities
  • consider removing the "sleeping area" (aka hacker stacker) and restore space for 3-D printing
  • replace all faulty furniture
  • remove all graffiti in the stairwell and elevator
  • paint murals in the elevator
  • proposal from praveen for open hack night, see nb-discuss.
  • Weekly mediation meeting.
    • As a procedural proposal, this has been taken to the Noisebridge Weekly Meeting.
  • Splitting of nb-discuss lists.
    • As a procedural proposal, this may be more of a topic for the Noisebridge Weekly Meeting.