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Moderation Notes for 6/18/2013 Meeting 6pm @Noisebridge Meeting theme "Culture"

See: Rebase


(Note to scribe to capture)

New Projects[edit]

  • PIC (Person In Charge)
    • Proposed by Shannon
    • Grievance committee
    • Continuity, members only
  • Access Control
    • Proposed by Jake
    • Need to take more care over door
    • Better use of existing system?
    • Lacking the will to act

Open Proposals[edit]

  • Gradient
  • Showers
  • ISO Tank
  • Front Desk
  • Red Shirt


What is our culture, who is it for, how do we create it

  • Access to everyone (disable, homeless, children, esl, women, trans, whatever, class)
  • Accessibility, stuff organization

Action Items[edit]

  • Add proposals of space layout from Jarrod

Proposals for next weeks topics

  • Technology
  • People
  • Access
    • People
    • Tools
  • Come as you are