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If we were to shut down Noisebridge for say a week, work on it, then restart it up, what would you do in that week, or encourage others to do? We would announce it well in advance, and could reset pretty much everything. Some suggestions below:

  • switch over from buzzer to keycode system
  • finish off the lights
  • do something with the backroom behind the kitchen
  • actually hang the kitchen properly
  • redo the front space with some clear GUIDANCE for newbies
  • take down all the signs, put up clear signs
  • declare a hackershelf reset -- anything that people don't mark, goes!
  • hold a reset party
  • declare the membership list public, and give out medals to all members
  • have a once-only honorary membership grant to people helping out
  • take lots of photographs
  • declare any backpacks full of clothes to be objecta-non-grata

Zephyr declares this to be a great idea. Jared likes this idea too and would help.

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