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The Great Noisebridge Reboot of 2014


  • Electrical refit
  • Replace member shelves with lockable cubes (get both large and small sizes)
  • Refinish the floors (a single poly coat would do nicely)
  • Call in Pest Control -- I just had some good experience with The Hitmen (Mitch)
  • Spread ethernet wiring across the space more adequately and contain cabling in proper conduit
  • replace light fixtures - see ben kochie's email about PG&E rebate and efficient fixtures
  • repair and renew A/V infrastructure for classrooms and main area
  • anything considered infrastructure should be BOLTED IN. movable infrastructure should have its own lockers.
  • reduce number of places people can hide themselves and their things (DJ booth is a major one).

General Timeline


  • Write to Members and nb-discuss letting people know that the Member Shelves will be dismantled (come claim your stuff, etc)
  • Groups of people should plan to meet to do some heavy lifting, sweeping, and cleaning in late June.
  • Groups of people should get together and plan chunks of future work
  • Schedule a Survey Inspection (or see if the electricians want to handle it)
  • Source ethernet ceiling cages. Make sure we have enough CAT5e to cover the space adequately.

Late June

  • SIGNAGE -- put up signs all over the space letting people know what's up (see below section "signage")
  • Start removing as much e-waste and broken equipment as possible to make way for electricians' Red Flag work.
  • Install gate(s) on elevator.
  • Install lock on top door (RFID is "nice to have" but a padlock would do.)
  • Install lock on fire-escape sliding-door -- needs to open easily and legally from the inside
  • Soft close on the 22nd/23rd, secure the space
  • Solidify interim access policy, come up with plan for implementation at ingress points
  • Start planning the Grand Reopening Party for August 15th (a Friday).
  • Remove all food from the space, even non-perishable items.

Early July

  • Remove as much valuable equipment as possible (or organize into manageable piles)
  • Tear out the DJ booth, reclaim that space for Church classroom.
  • Deep-clean to get rid of grime (especially in kitchen and bathrooms). Call in Pest Control.
  • Clear the floors as completely as possible to make way for floor refinishing.
  • Refinish the floors.
  • Ongoing electrical refit work supervised by Neil and Tim.


  • Locate lockers. Coordinate to pick them up and transport them to the space. (rough ETA: June 15th, after floor work is done)
  • Build network gear and wiring. Install ethernet through ceiling cages (1x length of space and 2x width of space).
  • Agree on long-term access control policy

Late July

  • rebuild the space as desired -- e.g. Jarrod suggests moving the library closer to the front windows (Cool thing: Use lockers as method of keeping space surrounding lockers more clear.)
  • paint - Jim suggests using oil-based / non-water-based paint.

Early August

  • Soft open on the 1st.
  • Continue fixing up things that fell through in July.


  • Grand opening & party on the 15th


  • detour signs with directions on how to get to sudoroom
  • detour signs with directions on how to get to Freespace
  • For the Kitchen: FOOD MUST BE REMOVED BY JULY 1st. on July 1st, all remaining food will be thrown out.



  • mop
  • dig out anything loose but stuck in cracks
  • get a floor sander and sand the floor
  • vacuum the floor
  • use rollers and/or brushes to apply an undercoat to the floor
  • use appropriate filler to fill any holes or cracks in the floor
  • sand the filler after it dries
  • brush on undercoat to the areas with filler
  • use rollers and/or brushes to apply a top coat to the floor
  • maybe roll or brush on one or two more top coats

Access Control

  • talk to casey and others about how the existing system works and write it down somewhere
  • design up a much simpler method of running video, data down to the ground floor - likely via some conduit
  • build a couple of arduino based replacements to control an access panel + LCD display; likely speak over RS485 (cable distance; no need to use ethernet for this)
  • .. and place the designs + source code public online on github
  • for the elevator - it's likely more of a space issue than an elevator-security issue.
  • .. ie, the elevator itself shouldn't be modified; the entry doors(s) after the staircase+elevator need securing.

During Cleanup

  • Main door
  • Elevator
  • Emergency path(s) (but be careful!)
  • roof entry
  • .. what else?



  • thex
  • rikke
  • dan
  • Gerald de la Cruz / gdelacruz /
  • Naomi / nthmost
  • Cory / staryoke
  • Mike/ koalahamlet


  • deja?


  • Jim / / Can plan and lead effort, needs 3-4 ppl to help.
  • Naomi / nthmost /


  • Chuck


  • Gerald de la Cruz / gdelacruz /

Access Control


  • Monad?
  • Adrian / adrian /

Front Door

  • Adrian / adrian
  • Henner / hzeller
  • Casey? / yesac /


  • Monad /
  • Matt / piratematt /
  • Drew / mux /


  • Matt / piratematt


  • Deja


  • Chris / crw
  • Naomi / nthmost
  • Ben Kochie
  • Casey


  • Cory