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July 2013

Tuesday, July 2nd

[Low? Lo? was asked to leave]

Low (had been at the last weeks meeting because DanF had asked him to
leave previously), said some heated things to Martin, was angry about
accusations of being a "creeper." Jake calmly asked him if he wanted to
take it to the meeting.  At first Lo agreed, then got upset, said we (NB)
were a bunch of asses and threatened to "report our space to the cops" or
something like that. Several folks approached, asked him to leave and
Danny offered to talk with him outside. Low left on his own.

[A fire alarm went off]

We're still not sure where, the second floor of our building or a
neighbouring one. It stopped eventually.

[Failing UPS in the server rack was beeping incessantly for a while]

This also stopped on its own.

[A minor dog fight]

A minor dog confrontation happened, Monad caught it quickly, asked the dog
owner not to bring that animal back.

[Pirate mike]

Was asked to leave via the meeting, J.C. coordinated with him to collect
and remove his projects from the space.

A busy night with the Rebase and meeting, a lot of people hacking in the
space! Overall  I think people were pretty receptive to the
docent/greeting area.

June 2013