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REFRESH will be the weekend of October 24th-25th.

We've been Noisebridging for quite some time by now. So have many others. Many, many others.

However there's also a lot of newbies who still have hopes and dreams.

Another thing that's been on *everyone's* mind is: Wow that reboot thing went pretty good, eh? Lets have another!

Why not, hmm? Working on the space together gives us an opportunity to improve the space and get to know each other.

If you have an Excellent idea to improve the space in some way, please come DO it.

We'll close Noisebridge for the weekend. Fix all the things that we've been wanting to hack on but nobody's had the time to get everyone together, build a big todo list, sort out supplies, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Sounds like a lot, huh? Thats fine. We can do it. We're Noisebridge. We did a whole 3 month long reboot last year, so we can totally have a two day long hack day where we hack on Noisebridge.


We have been collecting ideas and tasks in several places.

Here is the easy to contribute to riseup pad. This seems to be the most current set of ideas:

Here is the more general, but applicable, Trello board ToDo List:

(Over the next couple of days we will turn all this into an easy to follow task list for all our sanitys this weekend.)

And here is the list on the wiki:

  • Clean up the space
    • WTF is all the crap in the project shelves; do we really want to be a dumping ground for electronics and computer junk again????!!!!
    • Make things tidy again
    • So many locks on the lockers that need cut
    • Prune our furniture hoard
    • Empty the fridge!
    • Scrub bathrooms!
    • Sweep!
  • Fix all (or most) of our broken shit
    • The Noise Square is on the blink :(
    • The dirty shop's window is smashed
    • Fox lounge lights are brokenredred
    • Broken bookshelves
    • The Laser cutter!
    • Bathroom sink
  • Implement some new infrastructure
    • Install some better electrical instead of more extension cords everywhere
    • Run some more long cat5 ethernet
    • Build a new couch for the Fox Lounge
    • Put up some signs, yo/nosotros/ustedes
    • A rack to hold all of our power drills
    • Plywood rack
    • Overhead shelving in the dirty shop
    • Remote switch to turn on the Noiseboard projector
    • Doorbell/buzzer /inside/ the elevator room
    • RFID entry through the elevator gate
  • Beautification
    • Get some muralists to come in and start hacking
    • Paint a big map of hackerspaces in the cafe
    • Hang up some Art(tm)
    • Arts in the fishbowl/elevator/trash room
    • More LED arts
  • Inculturation
    • What does Noisebridge actually mean to you, eh what?
    • Get more newbies into IRC/Slack/nb-discuss
    • We should get more members. This is how we get consistent donation$ and dedicated involvement, right? Right!
    • I heard someone wants to make a newsletter
  • Make Noisebridge earthquake ready
    • Anchor all shelves / lockers to the wall
    • Survey the space for other earthquake hazards and come up with solutions for them
    • Earthquake water supply / rations stored somewhere in the space??

Helping Out[edit]

If you're keen on helping out, add some items to this wiki page or riseup pad!


Things we'll need a big pile of to make this happen:

  • Drywall anchors
  • Conduit bender
  • Conduit clips to anchor new conduit to the walls
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Paints of all the colors
  • Romex staples
  • Fabric for curtains


Want to get involved? add your name to the list so someone can hassle you to do something when the time comes