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Replicator Wednesdays

1830 - 2300 hours, every Wednesday at Noisebridge. Bring your laptop, your fabrication skills, and your dreams.

We can try slicing & spooling objects for replication using any 3D modelling software that outputs STL and a variety of command & control software that works on any platform. If you haven't printed before, come prepared to print some basic objects and 'get the hang of it' before going it alone with a printer

Upcoming Events

July 11th 2012

This week's Replicator Wednesday meeting has another location: Techshop SOMA from 6pm to 10pm.

All the Replicator Wednesday regulars are going to San Francisco's techshop Soma for this week's Replicator Wednesday. Bring any kind of reprap and join the group. Just come in and tell the friendly folks at the front desk that you are visiting for the SF bay area's premiere reprap meetup. We can't guarantee that anyone will be around at Noisebridge tomorrow!

Techshop SOMA is at 926 Howard Street.

We will be back at Noisebridge on July 18th for a regular;ly scheduled RepWed!

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