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Replicator Wednesdays

1800 - 2300 hours,every Wednesday at Noisebridge. Bring your laptop, your fabrication skills, and your dreams.

We can try slicing & spooling objects for replication using any 3D modelling software that outputs STL and a variety of command & control software that works on any platform. If you haven't printed before, come prepared to print some basic objects and 'get the hang of it' before going it alone with a printer

April 18th special event

Chris Olah from Hacklab Toronto will be speaking about 3D printing and making Lenses with printers

Chris Olah is a 3D printing enthusiast from Toronto, a member of and s/TRUG/Toronto RepRap User Group. Chris will talk a bit about 3D printing and types of printers in general, the software ecosystem around 3D printing, and his experience making lenses with printers and his project implicitCAD

This is a lecture within the weekly Replicator Wednesday session, if you want to spool up an object for replication, please arrive early at 6:00PM with a laptop and plan on learning with the ins and outs of the command and control software.

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