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(Session One: Care and feeding of your makerbot.)
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Instructors:  [[User:Gpvillamil|Gian-Pablo Villamil]] and [[User:miloh|R. Miloh Alexander]]
Instructors:  [[User:Gpvillamil|Gian-Pablo Villamil]], Andrew Rutter, and [[User:miloh|R. Miloh Alexander]]

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Noisebridge Reprap Class[edit]

Session One: Care and feeding of your makerbot.[edit]

Physical handling and operation of the makerbot Cupcake CNC printers.

This course of the session will be repeated on June 15th, 2011

Session Two: The smell of ABS and waffles in the morning.[edit]

Details of Replicator G and SkeinForge. Print with PLA.

Session Three: Ornamental designs using Openscad.[edit]

Introduction to CSG and 2D extrusions using Openscad.

Session Four: Functional designs using Openscad.[edit]

Mixing openscad knowledge with printing profiles for bots.

Instructors: Gian-Pablo Villamil, Andrew Rutter, and R. Miloh Alexander