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An Unconference and Convergence for Horizontalist Organizers

wherein Occupy folks, hackers, anarchists, peaceniks, old folks & young folks, do-gooders & ne'erdowells, wierdos and crazy folks all get together and talk about how they do things... at Noisebridge Hackerspace

March 15-18 2012, San Francisco

Thursday March 15 Friday March 16 Saturday March 17 Sunday March 18
Check in 12-6pm Workshops 12-6pm Panel Presentations & Workshops 2-6pm Timed Hackathon with brunch and prizes,
4-7pm Reception 12-8pm fUnconference Sessions 12-8pm fUnconference Sessions 2-6pm fUnconference Sessions
8pm Five Minutes of Fame lightning talks 6-10pm Closing party

Registration is free, and includes work shifts in the kitchen. All attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session.

Register Here

Suggested Session Topics:

How to cook for a hundred people, How to solder, Nonviolence & Diversity of Tactics, Doocracy, Online Security Primer, Occupy visioning, Facilitation Skills Teach-in, Nonviolent Resistance Methods, Decolonization discussion, Economics teach-in, Reclaiming the commons, How to Sew, Bay Area cross-Occupy co-ordination, Encryption/Security Teach-In, Lockpicking, Knot tying, History of Resistance, How to build giant puppets, Alternative Housing, Bicycle repair session, Connecting Inner Work with Building Alternatives with Resistance, ADD YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE.

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