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#redirect [[Category:Events]]
Use this page to list particular parts of the space that are reserved for both one-time events and recurring events.  This page will hopefully let people
plan their events based on space availability.
'''This page was created because the events page does not give event planners (including me!) a direct way of knowing which space is available on a given day!'''
* Patrick, how is this page going to be solve that problem? By being grouped by room, instead of date? Do you really expect people to list events in both places? If you don't have a good answer to these questions, please revert this page to a redirect after you read this message. Thanks!
* This page is better than nothing even if all it lists are the recurring events, their dates, and their locations. Its impossible to figure out what room is available for any given day and time just by looking at the event calendar.  This page is a work-in-progress. At least give me a chance to finish it. -Patrick
==Parts of the Space==
Our [[2169_Mission|5,600 square-foot space]] contains an
[[Electronics_Lab|electronics lab]],
[[Shop|machine shop]],
[[Sewing|sewing/crafting space]],
[[Classrooms|two classrooms]],
[[Diversity|Everyone]] is welcome to use [[Resources|our many resources]].
==One-Time Event Space==
(work in progress)
==Recurring Event Space==
===Conference Area===
* Every Tuesday, 8pm - 9pm, Noisebridge weekly meeting
* Every 3rd Thursday, 7pm - 10pm, 5 Minutes of Fame

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